Dear Gamma Zeta Alpha,

My parents were born in Durango; both in small towns and both to families of eight. Growing up, there were always too many mouths to feed and not quite enough food. They made the decision to come to the United States when my sister was a year old. She would have the opportunity of a better life, one more stable and full than theirs. It wasn’t easy. They lived in a relative’s garage cramped and tense from sharing such close quarters with so many people. My dad worked day and night. For his efforts, he received just enough to afford rent and food. Then we came to Las Vegas.

Both of my parents, Alma and Jorge got jobs at hotels here—her cleaning rooms and him in the laundry. Alma worked her body scrubbing tubs, making beds, and cleaning up guests’ messes. Then she came home to cook and clean after her daughter. Jorge got up early to make breakfast and take my sister to school—then he spent the day in infernal heat cleaning linens soiled by hotel guests. It was not easy. But they were union jobs, so they made enough to pay for their own apartment. They had insurance so when my sister got a bad fever they did not just pray for an improvised cure to work, they took her to the doctor. When a supervisor tried to make Jorge stay after his shift to do extra work for no pay, he responded they could not keep him after without overtime. When Alma was harassed by a guest she filed a report without fear of losing her job.

This is what the union has given my parents. This is what it has given me. I grew up in a secure home—which my parents were paying to own. I never had to worry about helping out financially. I focused on school and got into a college I could only dream of.

My parents work with their bodies. After decades in this work they are tired and they ache with the constant strain on their bodies. But when they retire they have a 50,000 dollar pension waiting for them. They own a home so they will not have to worry about finding a place to live. And they will exit the workforce with dignity. This is what our union does. This is what we are fighting for.  

Gamma Zeta Alpha is holding an event at a non-union casino, where workers have been dreaming of the conditions I just described. It is one thing for a big corporation to undermine workers, but it is another for a group of young Latinos. It would be shocking and painful for this majority immigrant workforce to see you siding with the company. Don’t give the company one more way to discourage the workers.

Please do the right thing and move the 30-year gala out of the Palms Casino.


Cassandra Muñoz

Customer Outreach Intern

Culinary Workers Union Local 226

(702) 383-7922

Station Casino

Here is recent correspondence between SNCCIM members and the Culinary Workers Union. The responses range from “I consider this harassment” to “I would vote to stay at the Palms Casino all the more because I received her email.”



SNCCIM holds a monthly luncheon at Palms Casino Resort, now owned by Station Casinos. We encourage SNCCIM to move their event out of Palms Casino Resort and into a venue free of dispute. 

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Dear NV5 Shareholder,

I am writing about your shares of NV5, the engineering and construction company. The upcoming Annual Shareholder meeting is taking place at Red Rock Resort, a non-union casino in Las Vegas where workers have been fighting for dignity and respect for years. We are asking you not to participate in any event that takes place at this property.

You should also know that multiple members of NV5 leadership have expressed support for President Trump. NV5 CEO Dickerson Wright made four donations to the Trump Make America Great Again committee in 2016. Also, on January 25, 2017, NV5 Senior Vice President Kevin Wedman tweeted:



Given this information, you should consider whether NV5 is the right investment for you.

Additionally, you should pose the following questions to NV5 leadership before voting on their proposed slate for the Board of Directors:

  •  Did NV5 bid on President Trump’s proposed wall on the Mexican border?

Although Customs and Border Patrol is not releasing the names of bidders, you can ask NV5 leadership.

  • How will Kevin Wedman’s support for the border wall and Dickerson Wright’s support for President Trump impact future contracts with the State of California and Californian cities and counties?

The state of California has represented over a third of NV5 gross revenues in 2014, 2015, and 2016.[1] However, California Senate Bill 30 would prohibit any company from receiving a new or extended contract with the state of California if it participates in building a border wall.

Additionally, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is considering an ordinance that would prohibit contracting with companies who bid on the border wall. Also, the Los Angeles City Council recently passed a motion requesting the City Attorney to prepare and introduce an ordinance requiring contractors to disclose if they are involved in building the border wall.

Lastly, while this would not affect NV5’s ability to secure contracts, California Assembly Bill 946 does indicate the level of animus amongst some California public officials regarding the border wall and the companies who help to build it. The bill would require the California Public Employee Retirement System (CalPERS) and the California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS) to liquidate within 12 months any investments in companies involved in the construction of the president’s wall.

  • How will uncertainty over the California budget impact NV5’s ability to secure future contracts?

The NV5 Form 10K from May 2017 states, “California state budgetary constraints may have a material adverse impact on us…Ongoing uncertainty as to the timing and accessibility of budgetary funding, changes in state funding locations to local agencies and municipalities, or other delays in purchasing for, or commencement of, projects may have a negative impact on our gross revenues and net income.”[2]

Indeed, the State’s summary in the 2017-2018 May Budget Revision was not exactly confident:

Over the past year, however, state revenues began to lag expectations. Compared to the 2016 Budget signed in June, the January Budget revenue forecast reflected a $5.8 billion reduction. Since January, the stock market has surged. As a result, the May Revision reflects higher revenues of $2.5 billion. Yet, this forecast remains $3.3 billion below the 2016 Budget forecast from one year ago. Consequently, the budget—which remained precariously balanced even in the strongest revenue years—is considerably more constrained than in any year since 2012.[3]

  • Is Lauren Wright related to Dickerson Wright? What qualifies Lauren Wright to be Director of Investor Relations? Is this her full time job?

Lauren Wright has a Ph.D. in Government, and is beginning a teaching appointment at Princeton University in Fall 2017. She has been involved in the California Republican Party, and is on the board of the White House Transition project.[4] She has a wealth of training and expertise in the world of politics; does she have experience with corporate communications or dealing with investors?

Also, does Dr. Wright devote her full attention to her duties at NV5? Dr. Wright published a book in April 2016, over a year after she first appeared on a press release for NV5.[5] Does she intend to keep her position at NV5 while teaching at Princeton? Will that arrangement allow NV5 to adequately address the needs and demands of its shareholders?

Please respond within five (5) business days to advise whether you will raise these questions with NV5 leadership, and whether you will continue to own shares of NV5.


Levi Pine

Culinary Workers’ Union Local 226

1630 S Commerce Street

Las Vegas, NV 89102



[1] NV5 Global, Inc. (2017). Form 10-K 2017. Page 20. Retrieved from SEC EDGAR website

[2] Ibid.

[3] State of California 2017-2018 May Budget Revision, Page 2.

[5] NV5. 2015. “NV5 Appoints Francois Tardan to Board of Directors” [Press Release] Accessed from

Station Casino

We reached out to board members of Gamma Zeta Alpha to inform them of the labor dispute at Palms Casino Resort, a property owned by Station Casinos. The fraternity is holding their 30-Year Gala at the Palms this December. Outreach to ΓΖΑ board members came at the heels of workers at Stations Casinos delivering a petition about Health and Safety Risks to hotel management (Read the report and press release here).
We urge GZAF to relocate your event out of Palms Casino Resort until they treat their workers with respect.

Find the full text of the letter here.


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