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Culinary Union writes letter to IAFC regarding labor dispute

Dear International Associaion of Fire Chiefs,

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We are writing to you today regarding your Fire-Rescue Med event which is being held at Green Valley Ranch.  We applaud the International Association Fire Chiefs Association (IAFC) on its mission and goals. However, we feel that your mission does not align with the behavior of Station Casinos, the owner of Green Valley Ranch. Thus we recommend relocating your event to a venue free of dispute.

It’s clear that the IAFC strives to take “steps to ensure human dignity by avoiding any remaining vestiges of discrimination or unequal treatment…” For decades the Culinary Union has fought gaming companies to treat workers from all walks of life with respect and dignity. Unfortunately, Station Casinos has waged a horrid anti-union campaign in an attempt to dissuade workers from organizing.

Station Casinos has hired the same professional anti-union consultants that Donald Trump’s hotel in Las Vegas used, when workers there organized for a union. Workers at Trump and Station Casinos were subjugated to captive audience meetings, intimidation and other forms of corporate harassment. We are sure your organization does not tolerate this kind of behavior.

The guiding principles of your Labor-Management Initiative are admirable and respectable. Sadly, Station Casinos does not respect cooperation between labor and management. They have spent millions of dollars attacking the Culinary Workers Union.  Spending money at Green Valley Ranch while there is a labor dispute only adds fuel to the fire.

On behalf of our 57,000 members we implore the IAFC to “lead by example to ensure an equal opportunity and fair treatment for all”. We urge you to relocate your event out of Green Valley Ranch until they treat their workers with respect.



Carlos Cruz



Station Casino

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