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TROUBLE AT STATION CASINOS: Red Rock Resort & Green Valley Ranch 

The labor dispute at Station Casinos could negatively impact the conference-goer’s experience and may affect the event’s attendance or cause scheduled speakers to cancel.

Because of Station Casino’s ongoing labor dispute, the union is urging that organizations and individuals reconsider their plans to patronize Stations and relocate to a labor dispute-free venue.

Since 2010, there have been many large-scale demonstrations against Station Casinos’ anti-worker behavior with thousands of workers and community supporters at the company’s casino-hotels. Hundreds have even been arrested during civil disobedience protests against Station Casinos.  

Station Casinos has broken federal labor law 88 times, making it the worst labor law violator in the history of Nevada gaming. Workers at the company continue to seek a fair process to decide whether to unionize despite their employer’s illegal anti-union behavior.