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KNPR: Dozens of Culinary Union workers arrested in rally on Las Vegas Strip

Union spokesperson Ted Pappageorge said he thinks this will send a strong message.

“I think that if workers show they're willing to do whatever it takes including nonviolent civil disobedience, willing to get arrested and fight for their contract and fight for their families. We think that's something that the public will support and they have in the past,” said Pappageorge.

The sit-in civil disobedience is a misdemeanor. Those arrested were escorted to a police bus, then taken to a mobile processing area and released.

Pappageorge said they have more negotiation meetings this week and if there is not enough forward movement, the union could strike as early as next week. The union's bargaining unit met Monday with MGM, and there was some forward movement, but Pappageorge said it was not enough.

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