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NEWS 3 LAS VEGAS: Culinary Union announces picket lines on the Strip as negotiations with MGM, Wynn, and Caesars stall

The Culinary Union on Monday announced plans for large-scale picket lines in front of eight properties on the Strip as contract negotiations continue between the union and MGM, Wynn, and Caesars resorts.

Union leadership called the negotiations “disappointing” so far and said the two sides remain far from a deal.


The prospect of a full-fledged strike is daunting to culinary workers, but they said they’re prepared to do whatever it takes to secure their future.

“I'm nervous for it. I'm prepared as I can be, but you can never know how long this procedure will take,” said Eileen Scott, a cocktail server at Harrah’s. “Of course we are nervous, but I'm also nervous to staying the way we are. So sometimes you gotta go through your fear and do what's right.”

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