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NEWS 3 LAS VEGAS: Tourists react to impact a potential Culinary strike could have on visitor experience on the Strip

Late last month, 58 members were arrested on the Strip in what the Culinary called an act of "Civil Disobedience" to send a message to employers.

Tourists News 3 spoke with believe a strike could have a significant impact on the visitor experience, yet some support the action.

"At least for us, the tourists, I think we're going to have a little trouble," said Martinez. "But, I think it's for the best for them. So, I'm okay with that."

Esther Bowman, who came to Vegas to get married, says she supports the workers, but says she would wait to visit another time.

"I think that wait times, from what I heard, are already a little higher for things due to everything going on with Formula One," she said. "So, I think that waiting even longer for things would definitely keep me again maybe say oh whenever things calm down in Vegas, we'll go then."

And with the big Formula One Grand Prix less than a week after the potential strike, some encourage casino bosses to act fast.

"That is something that should heavily be on the table before," said Morgan. "Because if that's coming up very soon that there's a lot of tourists like myself, if I were to come at that time, that would be impacted."

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