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NV CURRENT: MGM training management to serve booze as strike threat looms

“Good luck to them!” Culinary spokesperson Bethany Khan said in response to news of MGM’s Las Vegas strike preparations. “They also need to clean rooms, wash dishes, clean the casino floor, make the drinks, cook the food, serve the guests, and everything else.” 

The union represents some 35,000 workers employed by MGM, Caesars, and Wynn in Las Vegas. 

Longtime gaming executive and former California regulator Richard Schuetz says MGM is likely making strike preparations in an effort “for show,” adding the company does not want to resort to management-provided customer service. 

“Try and knock out thousands of meals daily on systems you do not understand. It is embarrassing, funny, and somewhat dangerous,” he said. “The union has massive leverage because of F1, and they know it.”

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