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PEOPLE'S WORLD: 40,000 Culinary Workers on Las Vegas Strip hotels may be next to strike

“Right now, we have too much workload, they don’t respect our stations, we go to different floors, different towers, and they don’t want to shorten the number of credits,” Flamingo guest room attendant Elida Amador told More Perfect Union, citing how many rooms they must clean.

“If you have an accident, you get hurt, they also want to discipline you for getting hurt,” Amador added. “But that’s why: We get hurt because of the heavy workload, and we have to complete it, and if you don’t, they give us discipline.”

A Local 226 survey between April and August found 88% of workers reporting pain while on the job, 57% saw doctors for on-the-job injuries, and 15% needed surgery.

“The rooms aren’t cleaned every day, and every day we see guests who are super, super annoyed. They’re angry and they insult us,” MGM Grand housekeeper Xochitl Mendez, a 14-year veteran, told Fortune. “Sometimes we don’t want to go into the rooms because the guests are so mad.” She calls clean rooms a safety issue.

Once, she said, an angry guest yelled at her and threw magazines when she entered the room, shouting, “Why hasn’t this room been cleaned when I’m paying so much money?”

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