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VEGAS SLOTS ONLINE: Las Vegas Casino Workers to Picket Multiple Strip Casinos as Talks Fail

“These are lawful pickets that do not disrupt work,” Pappageorge stated. What the pickets will disrupt, however, will be the operations of eight specifically targeted Strip casinos. According to the Nevada Independent, the Union’s chief Vegas mobilizer said members will ask visitors to the properties not to cross the picket lines and enter the casinos during the scheduled protests.

The Culinary Union’s Director of Digital Communications and Digital Strategy, Bethany Khan, even warned off an X user perhaps hopeful of a Thursday poker game on the Strip: "It's bad lujck to cross the picket line - wouldn't recommend it."

As Vegas braces for the protests, Pappageorge on Monday underlined the seriousness of the strike. He said while “nobody wants a strike,” the Union had to “do what’s right to protect [the workers’] families and their futures.”

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